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12 Free Single Page HTML5 Templates

Very often you don’t need to launch a full-blown CMS, but a simple 1-page HTML site is just what you need. In such cases it is really handy, if you have a ready-made HTML5 template to use. Fortunately, online there are hundreds, if not thousands of free and paid HTML5 templates.

While paid templates usually do come with lots of perks, more often than not a free template offers everything you need. This selection of 12 free HTM5 1-page templates for different purposes and different layout complexity will probably meet the needs of most of you. If not, feel free to browse the Web for more stuff.

1. Sublime – Free Clean & Stunning HTML5/CSS3 Website Template

In the age of responsive design, it might be surprising to include a non-responsive template but since Sublime is really nice, let’s make an exception. After all, there are many cases when you can go without a responsive template, so if your site falls in this group, you are OK with the lack of responsiveness.

Sublime is a clean template with lots of air in it. It comes in two versions, both of which are suitable for a startup site, a portfolio one, or for a site of a creative agency.

Similarly to most new HTML5 templates it is a very looooong page but since this is what dominates now, your choice is either to take it or leave it.


2. SquadFree – Bootstrap Free HTML Template

If you are looking for a free 1-page HTML5 template for a small business site, you might want to consider SquadFree. This is a responsive template built with the Bootstrap 3 framework. It comes with CSS3 and JavaScript animation and presents a clean and modern look. In addition to a small business site, you might want to use it on a portfolio site as well – you won’t have to make many modifications to suit your new purpose.


3. Pageone.

Pageone. (with the dot at the end) is another long-ish free multipurpose HTML5/CSS3 template. Similarly to most 1-page templates these days, all the pages of a site that are typically separate are merged into one long page users have to scroll.

The template comes with a slider and a smooth scroll effect. It’s clean and simple with a soft grunge effect for the background. As for its purpose, Pageone. is most suitable for a portfolio or a creative agency type of site.


4. Timber

Timber is one more responsive free HTML5 template built with the Bootstrap framework. Again, it’s one very long page that contains all the fields, such as news, portfolio, team, contact information, even map directions a small business site or a portfolio site needs. Customer testimonials can be included as well. Timber is a nice, multipurpose template and you can download it from here.


5. Moderna Bootstrap HTML Template

This is one more HTML5 template built with the Bootstrap framework. Moderna is very similar to the rest with its scrolling but the page length is considerably shorter. However, it’s also a flat template with a four column layout for the product section. Again, it has sliders but the difference is that the homepage is four colors only. Moderna is suitable for a small biz site. You can download it from here.


6. HalfTone Responsive Html5 Theme

If you thought that today’s one-page HTML templates are all endless scrolling, here is one more that isn’t. HalfTone is a simpler template but it’s in by no means inferior to the rest. It comes with 2- and 3-column layout and is great for a blog or a personal site. The same template is available for WordPress as well.


7. Lithium – HTML5 Responsive One Page Template

We are back to long pages with lots of scroll but Lithium deserves to be included on the list. What makes it different from the rest is that it’s built with CoffeeScript, SCSS and Grunt. It’s a multipurpose template but probably it’s most suitable for a personal or a portfolio site.


8. OnePager Responsive HTML5 Theme

OnePager is again a 1-page template but unlike the others, it comes with a sidebar with a menu. No matter how much you scroll down the page, the sidebar stays on the left, which is a nice touch and it’s certainly very handy. All in all it’s a great multipurpose template but I think it’s best for personal or portfolio sites.


9. Craze – Minimalist Free HTML5 Template

Craze is yet another responsive multipurpose template that goes long way down the screen. Its creators call it a minimalist one and this is really so – the template is not cluttered, yet it offers all the functionality you will need for a portfolio or a small business site. The design is flat and the template is fully editable. You can download Craze from here.


10. Woo – a Landing Page Template

Landing pages are a common use of one-page templates. While in theory you can adapt any one-page template to be a landing page, it’s much better when you have a template made especially for this purpose. Woo is such a template.

Woo is a fully responsive HTML5 and CSS3 template with CSS animations and @font-face custom Web fonts. It uses jQuery and Flexslider. Woo is great for any kind of applications, services, or digital goods you want to sell online.


11. iPhoneApp HTML5 Theme

If you are selling iPhone apps, then the iPhone App HTML5 template might be of interest to you. It’s a very simple and small template – it is just one column and doesn’t even have scrolling but it’s right to the point. You can put images of your app, list it features, include a Download/Buy button and you are set. It can’t get simpler than that for sure!


12. Zoon – a Coming Soon Template

In addition to landing pages, Coming Soon pages are also a frequent way to put a 1-page theme to use. While it’s best if you launch a Coming Soon page with the layout and colors of your future site, if your future theme is still in the making and you don’t want to show an empty screen to your visitors, then your next best move is to use a specifically made Coming Soon page. For instance, you might want to consider this one, called Zoon.

Zoon is a responsive HTML5 and CSS3 template with a countdown timer, a Google map feature and a section where you can place any information about you (or your team) you want to. It comes with Flexslider and it also uses jQuery, as well as @font-face custom Web fonts.


One-page templates can be put to many good uses. Modern one-page templates combine in one whole the functionality of a small site from years ago. It might be somehow user-nonfriednly to scroll that much but the advantage of this approach is that everything is on one page and you don’t need to open all the pages of a site – they are already opened for you.

The templates on the list are all great, though they serve different purposes. If you have a one-page site that is to be launched soon, consider using some of them – you won’t regret it!

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