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7 Awesome jQuery Plugins For Your Next Big Project

In this post, I have put together some of the most popular and useful jQuery plugins for you to use in your upcoming web projects. So without wasting any more time, let us check out the plugins!

7 Awesome jQuery Plugins For Your Next Big Project

1. TypeAhead.js


TypeAhead.js pulls data from a local or external data source, and as the user types in an input box, it can provide autocomplete suggestions on the go. This plugin is extremely easy to implement and has been developed by Twitter’s development team.

2. Cool Kitten


Cool Kitten is a responsive framework meant for Parallax scrolling websites. It produces a smooth Parallax scrolling experience for all device types, including tablets and smartphones. Since it is fully responsive, Cool Kitten also comes with a fluid grid.

3. Turn.js


Turn.js replicates the page flip approach using HTML5. So if you are fan of skeuomorphism, or need to implement the pages-of-a-book look without using Flash, this plugin might be helpful for you.

4. Lettering.js


Lettering.js offers you absolute control over individual letters and characters. So if you are really keen on improving the typography in your projects, this is one plugin you should check out!

5. Chart.js


Chart.js lets you create object oriented client side graphs and charts for use in your HTML5 projects. It offers multiple chart types, such as line graphs, bar charts, pie charts, and so on.

6. Noty


Noty lets you create alerts and warning messages, such as information and confirmation dialogs, error messages, success messages, and so on. It also lets you customize details such as text and animations for your messages too.

7. Flickerplate Plugin


Flickerplate is a fully responsive and touch-ready jQuery plugin that lets you ‘flick’ through your web content. It comes bundled with Modernizr (for touch detection) and the jQuery.Finger library (for touch events).

Which of the above jQuery plugins is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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