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HTML5 Audio Autoplay: Automatically Play Audio on Your Website

Making audio autoplay on your website is very easy with HTML5. Make that “super easy” if you already have an HTML5 audio player on your website.

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PHP Basics: Forms

Even today, in the age of apps and streaming video, HTML remains the backbone of the browsable web. But unless you want a static, brochure-type website, you’ll need at least one scripting language to add dynamic content and functionality on top of your HTML. This is the latest in a series of tutorials here on covering the basics of PHP programming.

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Introduction to Web Development – Building Websites with HTML

In this tutorial we will explore the basic techniques involved in website building. In the last part we learned some fundamental Web development concepts. Now we will look at the site building options and start creating pages in HTML markup code. You do not need to have any development or programming experience to complete this tutorial.

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