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How to Improve Website Performance

Don’t be one of those designers who design without thinking about performance. Even if you have a gorgeous design, if it doesn’t load fast enough, no one will stay around long enough to appreciate it! In this article I’ll cover the main differences between performance and load testing and give you some guidelines on how to improve site performance.

Coding - Databases

Moving from Simple to Complex MySQL Queries

SQL (Structured Query Language) is the standard database management language across the web. Though there are several different database packages, MySQL being the most common, all of them use SQL as their foundation. Basically, if you want to access relational data from your application, regardless of package or scripting language, you are going to need to understand SQL.

Coding - PHP

CodeIgniter 101

Want to save time on PHP development? In this article, I’ll cover the CodeIgniter framework and will provide you with a list of additional resources. CodeIgniter (CI) is similar to Bootstrap, it’s an open-source toolkit that offers pre-existing code files for rapid development, but CodeIgniter is for PHP.

CMS - Wordpress - Coding - Databases - PHP

Using $wpdb and the WordPress Database Functions

As I talked about previously in our Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development tutorial, one of the great things about working in WordPress is the ability to piggy-back on WP’s database connection. It not only saves you code and time, but also makes your plugin or theme run faster and more securely. Today, I’d like to get into more detail about exactly what database functions are available to you inside of WordPress.

Coding - PHP - Wordpress

WordPress Plugin Development, Lesson 4: Basic Security

This is part of an ongoing series for programmers interested in developing WordPress plugins with PHP. If you are just starting out with WordPress, and want some more basic tips, check out the previous lessons:

Coding - HTML5

Animation and Interaction with SVGs

One of the many advantages to using SVGs in your Web pages is that you can use standard methods to interact with the elements inside them. In this tutorial we will demonstrate animating SVG elements and using JavaScript to implement interaction with them.

CMS - Coding - PHP

concrete5 – CMS With Front-end Editing

When it comes to Content Management Systems, our options are plenty. On one hand, we have the ultra popular and robust options such as the likes of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! and Expression Engine, whereas on the other hand, we have the equally powerful and slightly lesser known, yet praiseworthy, contenders such as MODX, SilverStripe, Ghost, PyroCMS, and so on.

Coding - PHP

Using PHP and cURL to Scrape Web Pages

This is part of a continuing series on PHP programming. If you are brand new to PHP and want a more basic tutorial, check out our Introduction to PHP, then come back and complete this one. If you feel like you have the basics down, let’s jump right in. Today, we’re going to use cURL and PHP to scrape a website for data, specifically the list of most often downloaded ebooks at Project Gutenberg.

Coding - HTML5 - Android - iOS

Accessing User Device Photos with the HTML5 Camera API

Among the many developing utilities in HTML5 are various methods for accessing user pictures from mobile devices and webcams. In this tutorial we will use the Camera API to import a user photo into a Web page, displaying it in a canvas element.

Coding - PHP

Refactoring PHP Code

This tutorial is meant to introduce PHP programmers to the technique known as code refactoring, and explain why it should be part of any programmer’s development plan. If you are brand new to PHP and need a more basic tutorial first, check out our Introduction to PHP lesson, then come back to this one to build on that foundation.

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