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12 Free Single Page HTML5 Templates

Very often you don’t need to launch a full-blown CMS, but a simple 1-page HTML site is just what you need. In such cases it is really handy, if you have a ready-made HTML5 template to use. Fortunately, online there are hundreds, if not thousands of free and paid HTML5 templates.

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11 CSS Code Generators to Speed Your Work

I am very fond of any tool that speeds my work. These CSS code generators help a lot when you need to get some CSS code and don’t have the time to browse through references and specifications just to see how it’s done.

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Using CSS3 Transitions

With CSS3 declarations you can add animated effects to your Web pages without relying on third-party technologies. You can define transition rules to determine how an element should change appearance, for example when the user hovers their mouse over it. By combining transition rules with CSS3 transforms, you can increase the level of complexity in these interactive effects. In this tutorial we will try out the essential features of CSS3 transitions.

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How To: HTML5 Background Video

Web design has changed significantly through the years, from static HTML pages to fully animated, interactive sites that respond to users. Videos play an important role in sharing unique content, they are ubiquitous on the web; and for certain sites videos are a must. If you want to show a video on your site and you want to create an engaging experience, consider incorporating a background video.

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Introducing CSS3 Animation

With CSS3 rules you can define more than just the style of your Web page elements. You can apply complex animations to items in your pages simply by including CSS declarations. In this tutorial we will work through the process of including a basic animation within a Web page. You should be able to complete the tutorial as long as you have some understanding of CSS.

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Bootstrap 101

Want to save time on development? Want to learn the basics of a great foundation? In this article, I’ll briefly introduce you to Bootstrap and provide you with additional resources so you can learn more about it.

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The Magic of Responsive Design

Pssst, it’s 2014, have you heard of responsive design? Even if you haven’t heard of it, you probably know what it is. If you surf the internet on your smartphone or tablet, you might have noticed that the browser resizes accordingly to fit the website on your screen (even when you switch to landscape mode!). The design is responding and adjusting accordingly to the device you’re using.

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Introduction to CSS3

CSS, together with HTML, is the very foundation of the Web. While for a Web developer CSS might come secondary because it does next to nothing but make pages look pretty, if you care about how your site looks, then you can’t go without (at least) a working knowledge of CSS. Mastering CSS is really a hard job but getting a basic idea of it isn’t. This tutorial is aimed exactly at this – to give you an idea about the most important concepts in CSS3, the latest version of the CSS standard.

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