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Selling Your Fonts? Here is What You Need to Know!

Fonts and typefaces form an integral part of the design process. In fact, just like color scheme and other design elements, typography too can single-handedly make or break a design.

Design - Typography

Demystifying the @font-face Rule

I introduced you to using Google Fonts on your website in my last tutorial. Today we’re going to discuss serving up your own web fonts using the @font-face rule.

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Choosing the Right (Free) Web Font

Note: This article assumes you are somewhat familiar with typographic terms. You should also be familiar with scripting HTML and CSS, as you need to paste a few lines of code into the web page’s header, and set a font-family rule in CSS. In the web’s early days web designers used only web-safe fonts, because they were almost certainly available on most home computers.

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