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6 Best Text Editors for Programmers

With so many IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) available today, it’s kind of strange that many programmers don’t use them but code with a text editor instead. A text editor looks so primitive in comparison to even the worst IDE, so why do programmers love text editors so much?

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11 Web Design Blogs You Should Be Reading

You might be a great designer by birth but if you don’t follow what’s new or what other good designers are doing, you will soon become legacy. On one hand, there is really a lot of useful information to read, watch, and listen. On the other hand, with so much information it’s easy to get lost. In order to avoid this, you need to read only quality stuff.

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5 Top Prototyping Tools For Your Next Design Project

When it comes to design, nothing actually beats the importance of feedback during the entire design process. Seeking feedback from team members as well as users and clients is an excellent method of ensuring that the overall design of the product is in sync with the expectations and requirements.

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6 POD (Print on Demand) Sites for Designers to Sell Their Work

If working for clients is not enough for you in terms of money and/or satisfaction, as a designer you have one more alternative – to sell your products directly to the general public. There are several ways to do it and one of them are the so-called POD (Print on Demand) sites.

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11 CSS Code Generators to Speed Your Work

I am very fond of any tool that speeds my work. These CSS code generators help a lot when you need to get some CSS code and don’t have the time to browse through references and specifications just to see how it’s done.

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Tools for Creating Mockups, Sitemaps and Wireframes

Before you start thinking about the design of a website, the first step is to think about your content and how it should be organized. I could do a whole other blog post on how to organize content on a website, but in this post I will discuss some of the tools to help you think through the early stages of a website.

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Best Free Photoshop Brushes

Our online creative community has a long history of sharing resources such as Photoshop brushes. Prior to writing this piece, I scanned my massive PS brushes folder. My oldest brushes date back to 2001. All of them were free downloads from generous creatives wanting to share with other users.

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